Violet Lexi Benjimen is a 15-year-old daughter of Demeter from Austrila. She is roleplay by Trixie19.


Violet Lexi Benjimen was born on July 7 in Austrila. When Demeter had Violet she was so happy, but she had to go. Violet's dad Bill was crushed. He started smoking and had a stroke and died when Violet was only 4. So she was forced to live at her Aunt Sally's house in New York. Her aunt had 5 other kids. Luke age 4 (adoupted), Rose age 19, Amy age 25, Quinn age 13 (adoupted), and Mary age 17 (adoupted from Spain). Violet lived happy most of the time out doors enjoying the rays of sunshine. One day on a fieldtrip, that all changed. Monsters atacked the school bus, it fliped over and she hid in a tree.

Early LifeEdit

As it said above, from the ages 4-10 was living with her aunt and children. She was very happy in the woods sleeping in trees. When she was 10, monsters started to attack her and she got very worried. Her friend she met in a tree, Ivy turned out to be a tree nympth and took her to Camp Half-Blood without a scratch on her because she killed the monsters with her sword!  All together, she had a happy, some what, rocky childhood fighting monsters with Ivy.


Violet has blond wavey hair. Bright blue eyes and a great smile.



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  • Violet has a knife and bag full of knives.
  • She can grow plants.