Cute Emo Boy

Steven is the son of Maria Kirkland and Hades. Maria was a funeral director and met Hades when he appeared as a man planning a realatives funeral. They fell in love and she gave birth to Steven. Soon after, Hades left, leaving Maria to raise Steven on her own. His ADHD and dyslexia made him do terrible in school, and he had few friends. One of his friends was Clover Greenwood, who told him he was the son of Hades and that he was here to take him to Camp Half-Blood.


Steven was always a little evil. Not enough to want someone hurt, just enough to be able to tell that he is a true son of Hades. His personality reflects that in the sense that he is always rebelling against every authority in his life. When he got to Camp, his evil started to come forth. He became more cunning and didnt really try to make friends, he spent all his time alone or in the Underworld with Hades. This brought him close to Hades and helped increase his evilness. Hades told him he would be his most powerful son, so he gave him powers that none of his siblings have. The only person keeping him in check is his girlfriend Ryan Slate.

Early LifeEdit

Michael had a kinda rough childhood. His mom was too busy to spend time with him, so he rebelled against her. He turned emo and withdrew from any friends he had, beside Clover Greenwood. People avoided him cause he was always talking to spirits (a power of a Hades child). Hades visited him and Clover on their way to Camp to gift Steven with a Stygian sword that can open cracks in the ground and summon skeletons with bows and arrows. 


Steven is 5'8 with kinda long, black hair and brown eyes. He has a magical Hades tattoo on his arm that will place him between the land of the living and the dead, allowing him to phase through anything he wants to and Shadow Travel.



  • Everyone else


  • He has a Stygian iron sword
  • He can summon skeletons
  • He can create cracks in the ground that go to the Underworld
  • He can phase through objects and moves objects with some weird Underworld energy