Sophia Cantin
General Information
Full Name Sophia Marie Cantin
DOB April 4, 2000
Age 13
Biographical Information
Birthplace New Orleans, Louisiana
Godly Parent Hades
Mortal Parent Slingshot
Physical Information
Other Information
Sophia Cantin is a 13-year-old demigod child of Hades. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Sophia Marie Cantin was born on April 4. Her mother, Georgia Cantin, met Hades and fell in love with him. He revealed who he really was after Sophia was born and Georgia hated him. She was so mad that she told him to leave. All she ever wanted was a normal family and he ruined it. Georgia never told Sophia that she was a demigod. She tried to keep her disconnected from Greek stories as much as possible. When Sophia was 4, she started to find precious metals in the ground. She loved the jewels and she gave some to her friends. Everybody wanted some of her jewels so they paid good prices for them. This made their family rich so they moved into a mansion in New York. A monster smelled her and Sophia ran all the way to Camp Half-Blood. Sophia said that some ghosts led her there. She is very small so many people do not think that she is a child of a powerful god.

Early LifeEdit

Sophia loved to find her jewels. She would make them into beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Finding stones always came easily to Sophia. She gave her jewels to everybody. One day, somebody wanted to kidnap Sophia and take all of her jewels from her. She threw a 24-karat gold block at the kidnapper and ran. When she and her mom moved to New York, Sophia was chased by a gorgon to the boundaries of Camp Half-Blood. There is basically nobody her age at Camp Half-Blood, so she does not have many friends.


Sophia has curly brown hair and brown eyes. She has pretty tan skin. She is not pale like a child of Hades because she get her looks from her mother.



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  • Sophia is a very skilled climber. She climbs things like trees.
  • Sophia can hide very easily since she is small.
  • Sophia is a quick thinker.
  • Sophia's main weapon is a slingshot.
  • Sophia can find precious stones and tunnels.
  • Sophia can see and talk to spirits and ghosts.