Silver Misty Sterling is a 11 year old daughter of Hypons. Her friends call her Silver or Misty. She is roleplay by Trixie19.


Silver Misty Sterling was born on March 26. When Amy (Silver's mom) and Hypons had Silver they were over joyed but he had to sadly leave. Silver was always a happy child, but when her mother died she was sad. So when she was 5 Silver when to live with her Uncle Nan (short for Nanofran). Silver lived with Uncle Nan for a year. One year of work, work, and more work. Uncle Nan got very drunk so Silver ran away from home. One day later a police man saw her and asked her "Do you have a home little girl?" She replied, "No sir, I infact do not." "Come with me," the man said. She got in the car and dropped her off at the nearest orphanage.

Early LifeEdit

Silver was in an orphanage from ages 6-8 because her mother died in her sleep when the taxi drove into a brick wall. When she was 8, she and the satyer Tom broke out of the orphanage and made their way from North Carolina to Half Blood Hill fighting few monsters here and there. 


Silver has long brown hair that is curled at the ends. Silver has brown dreamy eyes and a bright smile. She looks weak but is very strong.




  • Silver has a javelin that posion comes out of.
  • Silver can cure amnesia.
  • Silver is prone to sleeping.
  • Silver can make other people sleep with a magic bag of sand. Also when she doesn't want to carry her bag she has a locket of sand.