Sara Wren
General Information
Full Name Sara Marie Wren
DOB May 9, 2001
Age 11
Biographical Information
Birthplace London, England
Godly Parent Apollo
Mortal Parent Bow and Arrow
Physical Information
Other Information

Sara Wren is an 11-year-old camper at Camp Half-Blood. Her role player is LivvyLove17.


Sara Marie Wren was born in London, England on May 9, 2001 to Kelly Lukaskiak and a mysterious British doctor. He sadly left Sara and her mum but they soon got over it. Sara and Kelly moved to the US and married a man named Daniel Wren. He had already had a relationship with Iris and had two demigod daughters named McKenna and Candence. Kelly and Daniel raised their children but they knew they would have to someday let them go to Camp Half-Blood. Sara grew to love her new sisters and took care of them. Although she struggled with school, there was a pastime that Sara loved. Singing and dancing. Sara soon joined her sisters traveling dance troupe. A few years later Sara's parents adopted a young boy named Clover. When an overweight sphinx that turned out to be Sara, McKenna, and Candence's dance teacher attacked their home Clover turned out to be a saytr and took Sara, McKenna, and Candence to Camp. Now that they are all at Camp, Sara and Candence are very protective over McKenna because they don't want her to get hurt.

Early LifeEdit

Sara grew up without any friends except for her sisters because her whole life was dance. Sara, Candence, and McKenna were the best in their class, except their overweight instructor Miss Sophia was always criticizing them because she was a sphinx and knew they were demigods. Sara was always trying to make her performance better, but soon gave up and went to another studio without her sisters. She also discovered a new passion: singing. She went to voice classes along with dance. Soon her parents adopted a boy around her age named Clover. A few days after that Miss Sophia attacked Sara's home and Clover revealed he was a saytr and took the three girls to Camp Half-Blood. She hopes to make a lot of new friends at Camp.


Sara has long dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She has long eyelashes and a cute smile. Lots of boys think she is pretty. She is average height for her age and is fit from dancing. She has a massive crush on Coby Edwards.



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  • Sara is very talented at dancing.
  • Sara is talented at singing.
  • Sara is a good poet.
  • Sara can play any instrument.
  • Sara can make people speak in limericks
  • Sara is a boss at the bow and arrow.