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Ryan Bell is an 18-year-old Camper at Camp Half-Blood. His father is Apollo and his roleplayer is LivvyLove17. Everyone calls him Ryan.


Patrick Ryan Bell was born on March 3, 1994. His mother is Lacey Bell, a NASA scientist studying the sun and his father is Apollo. His mother met his father one day when she was in her office doing research. Apollo appeared as another scientist and wanted to tell her some nice facts about the sun. They fell in love and soon got married. They had a handsome child and named him Patrick. Patrick hated his name and adopted his middle name, Ryan before he could go to school and everyone call him Patrick. Ryan loves all sports and is extremely good at them. He is also talented at singing, dancing, playing instruments, drawing, and writing. Ryan has ADHD but doesn't have dyslexia. In fact, Ryan is extremely smart! When Ryan was 9 monsters started to attack his house. Ryan decided to run away so he ran cross country for a year before coming across camp.

Early LifeEdit

Ryan started his hobbies of sports, singing, dancing, playing instruments, drawing, writing, and being smart when he was only 2 months old!