The Flower of Aphrodite

This is a page with information on the Quest for the Flower of Aphrodite. You can find all information on the quest here.

The Quest for the Flower of AphroditeEdit

Quest for the Flower of Aphrodite


Date StartedEdit

March 28, 2013

Date CompletedEdit

April 21, 2013


The end is near

Your quest is here

To save your friend

Cure his love

Go up and above the 600th floor

Open the door

For the Key,

For all to see.

This prophecy was given to Jessica Johnson.

Quest ObjectiveEdit

Find the rare Flower of Aphrodite that only grows in Aphrodite's Garden on Mount Olympus. It can be brewed into a potion to cure any love or relationship problems, even lift an intense spell. The potion will be used to lift the Love Potion spell put on Kyle Packer.