Piper McLean
Piper McLean
General Information
Full Name Piper McLean
DOB August 14, 1996
Age 18
Biographical Information
Birthplace Hollywood, California
Godly Parent Aphrodite
Mortal Parent Tristan McLean
Weapon(s) Katropis
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Eye Color Varies
Gender Female
Other Information
Relationship Status Dating Jason Grace
Other Names Pipes
Years at Camp 1
Roleplayer Miramc22

Piper McLean is a 18-year-old child of Aphrodite. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Piper was born on August 14 to Aphrodite and Tristan McLean, a world famous actor. Piper never wanted to tell anyone about her dad, so she went to a public school. At one point, she talked a car dealer into giving her a BMW and drove it away from the lot. The dealer pressed charges for theft after Piper took the BMW, but Jane (her father's assistant) made a deal for her to be sent to the Wilderness School instead of jail. There, she met Leo Valdez, and became the girlfriend of Jason Grace, even though her memories were illusions created by Hera. During a field trip, Jason woke up with no memory, depressing Piper. However, after she was attacked a Storm spirit, she, Leo, and Jason were taken to Camp.

Early LifeEdit

Piper has always had the ability to Charmspeak, and used it, without knowing, to "borrow" things from salesmen like a lawnmower or a car, causing her to get into trouble with the law when the people report her for stealing. She only stole items because she wanted attention from her father.


Piper has chocolate brown hair that is cut choppy and uneven with thin strands braided on either side of her hair and eyes that constantly change color. She is very pretty, but although she is a daughter of Aphrodite she has a simple, tomboyish style. It should also be noted that Piper is Native American.




  • Piper has an ability to Charmspeak, which is the third most powerful in Camp.
  • Piper speaks French fluently.
  • Piper can attract the opposite gender.
  • Piper has a dagger named Katropis, which she can see the future in.