Mouse Wills
Mouse Wills
General Information
Full Name Evangilene Belle Wills
DOB February 12, 2005
Age 8
Biographical Information
Birthplace Hollywood, California
Godly Parent Aphrodite
Mortal Parent Dagger, νέος
Physical Information
Other Information
Mouse Wills is a 8-year-old Demigod who goes to Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Evangilene "Mouse" Belle Wills was born on February 12. She is the older twin sister of Minnie Wills. She and Minnie are identical twin sisters. They did not know who their mother was, but their father was a famous movie director. Mouse and Minnie were sometimes put in their father's movies. Her father would always tell Minnie and Mouse all about their mother, like how beautiful she was and how each day she would appear to be even more beautiful. Mouse became very sad because their beautiful mother had left them. Mouse always loved the stories of their mother, and she became depressed. Mouse was nicknamed "Mouse" because she was so tiny and quiet, just like a real mouse. She also has claimed to be good at "squeaking." When Mouse wandered into an alley, she saw a trail leading to a beautiful valley. She showed the trail to her sister, where they both followed the trail. They had entered Camp Half-Blood, and campers rushed towards them, telling them that they would be safe. Mouse had no idea what they were talking about, but she stayed there because she met Mickey Starr, whom she became best friends with. She said that Mickey was her role model and she hoped that they were sisters. Minnie and Mouse were both claimed by Aphrodite, 3 days after they had arrived.

Early LifeEdit

Mouse and Minnie were always the center of attention. However, Minnie and Mouse were different in many ways. Mouse always dressed up like a tomboy, in T-shirts and jeans with sneakers. Minnie liked to wear dresses and pretty shoes. However, they always appeared to overcome their differences and dress up in the most adorable outfits. They would always get whatever they wanted. Minnie and Mouse were the kind of twins that could talk to each other in their minds (Twin ESP). They always trade places with one another to throw off their friends. They look exactly alike, but there is one way to tell them apart. Minnie has a freckle above her lip. They now always wear the same clothes and do everything together. They look up to Mickey Starr, as they both want to be just like her.


Mouse has curly brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. She has an adorable smile and is extremely cute. She is an identical twin.




  • Mouse uses a dagger as her weapon.