Miranda Marino
General Information
Full Name Miranda Ray Marino
DOB January 25, 1997
Age 18
Biographical Information
Birthplace Miami, Florida
Godly Parent Poseidon
Mortal Parent Diane Marino
Weapon(s) Bow and Arrow
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Gender Female
Height 5'7"
Other Information
Relationship Status Single
Other Names Mira
Years at Camp 4
Fatal Flaw Curiosity

Roleplayer Miramc22

"Nope, not at all. Some people all call this the place for freaks. Each one of us has our own personalities but there's something unique and different about each one of us."
―Miranda, to Tori Gentry in Cabin 3 when meeting her for the first time
Miranda Ray Marino is a 18-year-old child of Poseidon. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Miranda Ray Marino was born on January 25. Her mom is Diane Marino and her dad is Poseidon. Diane met Poseidon at the YMCA in their neighborhood. She described Poseidon as the "fastest swimmer in the world." She fell in love with him and he revealed that he was the god Poseidon. She asked him to make her as good as a swimmer as he, but he refused. They spent a lot of time together, and when Poseidon proposed, she refused because he said no to her offer years ago. However, Poseidon had to have her as his wife, so he told her that their daughter would inherit the gift. Diane greedily agreed, because their child's gift could make her the richest woman on Earth if their child ever went to the Olympics. They ended up having twins, and like Poseidon said, their daughter inherited the gift. Once they married and had Miranda, they found small gills on her ankles. Devon Marino, her little brother by 3 minutes, did not have any. Her mother angirly divorced Poseion because now nobody could see her daughter swim. Poseidon left them, leaving Miranda alone with Poseidon. Miranda was only allowed to wear tall socks, even during the summer. Diane got a swimming pool for Miranda to swim in at their house. Miranda was sick of her mother and wanted to meet Poseidon, so she left for Camp Half-Blood. She loved Camp Half-Blood and everything about it, and she was happy to be named the counselor of Cabin 3. She does not like talking about her "gift," and she prefers to keep it a secret. She is a very fun person, and she can be sarcastic. She has a huge temper, which she can lose easily.

Miranda's fatal flaw is her curiosity. She loves learning new things, and whenever she learns something new, she always wants to learn more about it. She loves forming theories and new ideas, and she loves problem solving, but her curiosity can sometimes be a bad thing.

Early LifeEdit

Miranda was born as a child of Poseidon and she discovered her powers when she was 11. She could make water do whatever she wanted it to. It would obey her commands and do various other things. Diane was always bitter toward Miranda and showed only signs of hate. She could tell that she liked Devon much better than her because also as a son of Poseidon, he was a fast swimmer, but not as fast as she was. Miranda thought that she was destined to meet Poseidon, so she went to Camp Half-Blood. There, she met Abigail Kurtice and Olivia Pommet. They called themselves "The Big Three BFFs," because they are the children of the Big Three.


Miranda has brown hair with side bangs parted to the left side. She also has big blue eyes as blue as the sea. She gets her blue eyes from Poseidon and her brown hair from Diane.




  • Miranda has the ability to control water, such as shaping it, bending it, heating it, and freezing it.
  • Miranda has the ability to see bits of the future.
  • Miranda's signature weapon is the bow and arrow.
  • Miranda is a very fast swimmer.
  • Miranda can breathe underwater.
  • Miranda has an excellent singing voice.
  • Miranda has perfect bearings at sea.


Miranda Marino Sings "Hero"

Miranda Marino Sings "Hero"