Mickey Starr is a 15-year-old daughter of Aphrodite at Camp Half-Blood. Her role player is LivvyLove17.


Mickey Caroline Starr was born into the world June 21, 1997, the Summer Solstice to a beautiful woman named Danielle King and Liam Starr a world famous chocolate maker. Mickey grew up spoiled and rich in Upton NYC. She was sweet as could be and was every preschool boy's dream. She loved everything candy and everyday after school she would go down to her dads store and devour candy. Despite being so sweet, she got everything she asked for. She got clothes, candy, even food by a snap of her finger. Her dad was hardly ever with her so she made friends with her dad's butler Quinton. Quinton took a liking to Mickey and started to care for her like a niece. When Mickey started kindergarten she also started cheerleading. She became the captain of her team when she was in fifth grade just by asking the coach. In sixth grade however, her school was attacked by an unfriendly harpy and she was forced to flee to Camp Half-Blood. It only took her an hour to get there because Quinton turned out to be a saytr and drove her. Mickey was in the Hermes cabin until her mom, Aphrodite claimed her.

Early LifeEdit

Mickey was always a bubbly, happy little girl that everybody loved. She had ADHD and dyslexia but kept it a secret until she got to camp because she thought if people found out she had dyslexia she wouldn't be popular anymore. When Mickey was 5 Quinton signed her up for cheerleading because he thought it would be good for her. Mickey didn't like it at first but it grew on her. When she was about to start middle school she dyed her hair red because she wanted a change in her life. At the end of sixth grade a harpy attacked her school and she escaped. Quinton revealed himself to be a saytr and took her to Camp in under an hour. When Mickey came to camp she meet her first true love, Chance Edy.


Mickey has long curly dyed red hair and her eyes are always alternating between dark brown and hazel. She has a beautiful smile that would light up any room. She can alternate her hair from dyed red to dark brown.



None yet!


  • Mickey can charm speak, but not as strong as Claire or Jess.
  • Mickey can change her appearance.
  • Mickey's main weapon is a bow and arrow.
  • Mickey can make people fall in love.
  • Mickey can sing very well.
  • Mickey can play the guitar.
  • Mickey is extremely pretty.
  • Mickey can ruin people's relatonships.
  • Mickey carries a variety of love potions.
  • Mickey is extremely flexible.
  • Mickey exceeds in hand to hand combat. (Especially Slapping)