McKenna Wren
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General Information
Full Name McKenna "Kenzie" Wren
DOB March 31, 2004
Age 8
Biographical Information
Birthplace Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Godly Parent Iris
Mortal Parent Bow and Arrows
Physical Information
Other Information
McKenna "Kenzie" Wren is an 8-year-old daughter of Iris at Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


McKenna "Kenzie" Wren was born on March 31st, 2004. Her mom was Iris, the rainbow godess, and her dad was Daniel Wren, an artist. Iris had also given birth to Kenzie's older sister, Candence Wren a couple of years ago and Daniel was thrilled that she was back. When Iris left, Daniel bounced back from the whole experience and re-married a woman named Kelly. Kelly had already had a relationship with Apollo and given birth to a girl three years older than Kenzie named Sarah. Kenzie grew up happy and was unaware how unsafe it was to have three powerful demigod children. When Kenzie was 6, her parents adopted a young boy Sara's age named Clover. Soon after, a sphinx attacked the house and Clover brought the whole househould to safety. He dropped Daniel and Kelly off at a safe place and took all three girls to Camp. Now that Kenzie, Candence, and Sara are at Camp, Candence and Sara are very over protective over their little sister.

Early LifeEdit

Kenzie lived a happy life until the sphinx attacked. She and her sisters were payful and loved to do things together. Out of the three, Kenzie was the wild child. She was always hyper because she had ADD and ADHD. Kenzie's friends always said that she was colorful and she always loved different colors. She and her sisters also did traveling dance and got homeschooled. Her dance teacher turned out to be a sphinx and attacked her and her family. Thankfully her adopted brother, Clover turned out to be a saytr and took Kenzie and her sisters to Camp Half-Blood. 


Kenzie is very short for her age she is only 4'3 and is considered petite. She has extremely long, light brown curly hair and dark brown eyes. She is very fit from her dancing and has a 2 pack.




  • McKenna has an empathy link with Clover
  • McKenna can create rainbows
  • McKenna has free Iris-messages
  • McKenna can give free Iris messages
  • McKenna can tame ponies