Mari Delhi
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General Information
Full Name Mari Delhi
DOB July 18, 1994
Age 18
Biographical Information
Birthplace Mumbai, India
Godly Parent Ares
Mortal Parent Annada Delhi
Weapon(s) Spear
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Other Information
Relationship Status Crushing on Lee Jefferson
Other Names Bull Fighter
Years at Camp 3
Fatal Flaw Agresiveness

Roleplayer LivvyLove17

Mari Delhi is an 18-year-old camper at Camp Half-Blood. Her father is Ares and her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Mari "Bull Fighter" Delhi was born on July 18, 1994 in Mumbai, India. She is a very traditional Indian girl except for the fact that she is very aggressive. Her mother is Annada Delhi who is a professional wrestler in the US. Mari's mom met Ares one day when she was at an exhibition for wrestling. She met him and they fell in love. As soon as Ares left Annada she got very mad because they had just given birth to a beautiful Indian baby girl. She got very agressive and moved tothe US where she got another pro-wrestling job. Mari grew up to be a beautiful young girl and was very proud of her Indian and Greek heritages. She is good at sports like boxing, wrestling, fencing, and all other sports. She was extremly aggressive with all of the kids at her school when they were mean to her but other than that she was very kind.

Early LifeEdit

Mari had an excelent childhood because her mother's care. Her mother was kindly to Mari but not to other people. One day, someone decided to muder Annada because she was so hateful to others. Mari became very mad and started to act more kindly towards other people becuase she didn't want her mother's fate. Mari ran away to Camp Half-Blood and became the best fighter they had and the Ares cabin counselor.


Mari is extremely beautiful. She has long black hair that reaches below her waist and deep brown-almost black eyes. She has olive skin ana bright pink lips.




  • Mari is extremely powerful in an overwhelming way
  • Mari is skilled in all sports
  • Mari is the most talented with a sword probably ever to be seen at Camp Half-Blood
  • Mari is great at fencing
  • Don't get in an argument with her, she wins all of them
  • Mari is skilled with the bass guitar
  • Ares says Mari is the most powerful daughter of his