Lilly Bushes is an immortal tree-nymph that lives in the forest of Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Lilly Bushes was born on June 16, 1977. Her father is Zeus. She is immortal and will always look 17. She is extremely brave and outgoing. She will even sometimes go on quests or find yound demigods and take them to Camp Half-Blood. She will never run out of energy because she takes her lilly bush wherever she goes with her. When she was younger, she met Kyle Packer, a brave young demigod who she became the bestest of friends with. She loves the color green and flowers. She is drawn to boys with naturally curly hair.

Early LifeEdit

Lilly was always a brave little nymph who lived to play pretend with boys. She always stood up for what she believed in and was very courageous. She will never be shy. Lilly never really had a mom so all of the older nymphs took care of her. She traveled around a lot because she didn't have a parent to really take care of her. When she was younger she met Kyle and they became best-friends. Lilly soon noticed that Kyle might be in danger if she didn't take him to Camp Half-Blood soon, so she took him to Camp Half-Blood. She soon got hm there safe and sound. She doesn't like Ivy Pines very much.


Lilly has waist long curly brunette hair. Her eyes are a bright greensih color and her skin gives off a greenish aura. She is extremely pretty and very tall.




  • Lilly can grow many fields of nature out of her hands
  • Lilly can grow as high as a tree
  • Lilly can heal excellently
  • Lilly can grow vines
  • Lilly can move the sun towards lily bushes
  • Lilly can make people grow into trees
  • Lilly can shrink to the size of a seed
  • Lilly is talented at gardening