Kayleigh Buller is a 17-year-old camper at Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17. Most of her friends call her KayKay or Kay.

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Kayleigh Addison Buller was born on January 13, 1996 to Anderson Buller, a famous photographer and a beautiful young woman named Madison Buller. Madison needed to leave Anderson and Kayleigh but left a note saying "My dearest Andy and KayKay. I love you both dearly and hate to leave but alas it is my brother's wish. KayKay I hope to watch you grow up and become a beautiful, colorful, loving young woman. As to Anderson, take good care of yourself and Kayleigh. I love you two. -Madison." Kayleigh was sad that her mother had to leave but soon got over it because she had her precious father. Soon, however Anderson got caught up with work and had to hire a nanny named Miss Fiona. Miss Fiona was like an aunt to Kayleigh. Kayleigh loved Miss Fiona but wanted more attention from her father so she dyed her hair pastel colors when she was 9. One day when Kayleigh woke up her hair had turned a completely different color on the top but stayed blue on the bottom. A note from her mother rested on her bedside table along with a box of Kayleigh's favorite cupcakes. The note said "Daughter of mine, aren't you fine? Look how you're growing, isn't it divine? Miss Fiona will take you to camp, you will leave your stamp on Olympus. - Mom." Kayleigh thought the note was quite strange until her father's mansion got attacked by a Gorgon when she was 12. Miss Fiona turned out to be the tree nymph Lilly Bushes and took Kayleigh to Camp Half-Blood.

Early LifeEdit

Since Anderson was always away from Kayleigh she was always vying for her father's attention, causing her to do things to get her father's attention. When Kayleigh was 7 she started to sing in the choir. Kayleigh was easily the best in the choir but her father couldn't come to her conch because he had a Bussiness trip. When Kayleigh was 8 she became a more rebellious and troublemaker kind of girl. Finally when Kayleigh was 9 she took her biggest step. She dyed her hair ombré pink and blue. One day three months after she had dyed her hair a note from her mom appeared on the bedside table along with a box of her favorite chocolates and the top half of her hair had changed from pink to green. Now every three months her mother comes to her in the night and gives her a note, chocolates, and changes the bittom hAlf of her hair to pink or green. Kayleigh was always an outcast after she dyed her hair and only had one friend, her nanny Miss Fiona. When her father's mansion was attacked by a Gorgon and Miss Fiona turned out to be a tree nymph and took Kayleigh to camp.


Kayleigh has bright blue eyes and long wavy hair that is always blue on the top and alternates colors every three months. She is very tall and strong being 5'10. Kayleigh is always seen chewing gum since she is obsessed with it. Kayleigh was born with a tattoo saying "Love" from her mom.




  • Kayleigh is very pretty
  • Kayleigh can make people fall in love
  • Kayleigh has magical bow and arrows that when she shoots someone they instantly fall in love with the person they see first
  • Kayleigh can ruin relationships
  • Kayleigh has a variety of love potions
  • Kayleigh is a skilled pegasus rider