Jessica Johnson
General Information
Full Name Alexandria Jessica Johnson
DOB July 31, 1997
Age 17
Biographical Information
Birthplace London, England
Godly Parent Aphrodite
Mortal Parent Rod Johnson
Weapon(s) Dagger, ομορφιά
Species Demigod
Status Alive
Physical Information
Hair Color Varies depending on mood

Naturally blonde

Eye Color Varies
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Other Information
Relationship Status Dating Michael Harvey
Other Names Jess, Alexandria, Alex, Alexa, Ally, Jessica, A.J., Johnson
Years at Camp 3
Fatal Flaw Uncertainty

Roleplayer Miramc22

"It's a horrible thing to do, making someone fall in love with someone they don't love. You don't play with love or emotions."
―Jess, to Catherine Elizabeth Adams about interfering with Kyle Packer's love life
Alexandria Jessica Johnson is a 17-year-old child of Aphrodite. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Alexandria Jessica "Jess" Johnson was born on July 31, 1997 to Rod Johnson and Aphrodite. Rod is a handsome, famous billionare and since Aphrodite is drawn to men like him, she married. Aphrodite loved Rod more than anything, so she gave their child the gift of beauty and powerful Charmspeak. Aphrodite was dreading the day that she would have to leave Rod, but she left anyway without notice. Hovever, She did leave a note. It read: "Dear Rod and Alexandria, I am sorry but I have to leave on short notice. Alexandria, I love you. You will one day meet somebody named Clover. Trust him and follow him. Rod, I also love you equally. I will never meet another man in my life that I will love more. Promise me to take care of Alexandria. I love the both of you. Never forget me. Love, your wife and mother." Rod did not know that Aphrodite was who she was, so he was devistated. He did his best to raise Jess, and he thought that she grew up fine. However, his business was starting to lose business, so he had to take care of that. When she was thirteen, she was sent to a boarding school in New York City. She didn't want to do with her father's glamour, so she dressed plainly and tried to be a tomboy. She didn't wear makeup and she dyed her blonde hair red. Jessica met a boy named Clover, just like her mother said she would. Clover took her to Camp Half-Blood, where she was told she was a demigod. She was claimed by Aphrodite the second both feet became inside of camp boundaries. She was given Aphrodite's blessing, which she did not like. She immediatley changed her clothes afterward. She now resides in Camp Half-Blood. She is known as the most powerful child of Aphrodite alive. Jess has led the Quest for the Flower of Aphrodite and has participated in the Quest for Aegis and Apollo.

Jess' fatal flaw is her uncertanty. She can never decide what to do and whether if it is the right thing to do or not. She is often very uncertain about her powers and she is always very unsure of herself because she lacks in confidence.

Early LifeEdit

Jess was alone most of her life. She does not like fashion, makeup, or the idea of love. She is very powerful with Charmspeak and sometimes she uses it unintentionally. She also found out when she was nine she could make people fall in love with each other. She also found that she could change her hair color from red to pink, blue, and brown. Her eyes also appear to change color unintentionally. Nobody can really tell what color her eyes are. She started to dress like a tomboy when she was 14. She dyed her hair when she was 13. She never liked her father's life, so she tried to disconnect herself from it as much as she could. Jess felt like she always had dissapointed everyone because she had ADHD and she was always acting stupid, like she was doing the wrong thing. When she arrived at Camp Half-Blood, she felt like she didn't deserve all of the attention she had been getting. She thinks that she can't do anything without her mom's gifts, and she is always trying to prove herself wrong, but her "gifts" are always a part of her, no matter how hard she tries. Jess hates being a Daughter of Aphrodite and is not very proud of it. She doesn't like any of her siblings and is not much of a sister figure. She hates the popularity she gets for being a hero. She tries to disconnect herself from her siblings and many of them call her a "disgrace to Aphrodite." When Jess arrived at Camp Half-Blood, she noticed that she could control people's emotions. Jess hates all of her abilities and does not want any of them. Jess hates her real name, Alexandria, so she always goes by Jess, which is a name only known by her and her friends, even though she sometimes answers to Alexandria, Alex, A.J., Jessica, Jess, or Johnson.


Jess has naturally blonde hair, and her hair color is based on her emotions: pink could be happy, energetic, excited, and peaceful, and black could be in a bad mood. Nobody can tell what color her eyes are because they are always changing color. She is insanely pretty but she is always trying to downplay her looks. Many boys fall in love with her all the time but she pretends to not notice. Jess is very modest. She is 5'8" and she wears glasses, but she uses contacts, something she does not like to speak of. She speaks in a British accent.




  • Jess can speak French because it is the language of love.
  • Jess can Charmspeak very powerfully.
  • Jess is the most powerful Charmspeaker at Camp.
  • Jess' Charmspeak is so powerful, even the gods themselves can't resist it.
  • Jess uses the dagger as her main weapon.
  • Jess can change her hair and eye color. 
  • Jess can attract the same and opposite gender.
  • Jess can make people fall in love.
  • Jess carries a variety of love options.
  • Jess is the most powerful Daughter of Aphrodite.
  • Jess is extremely beautiful.
  • Jess possesses a lot of Aphrodite magic.
  • Jess is almost as skilled as Aphrodite.
  • Jess can control people's emotions.
  • Jess is good at almost everything.
  • Jess is very modest.
  • Jess' dagger means "beauty" in Greek.
  • Jess is extremely claustrophobic.