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Jenna Emily Willson is a 15 year old Demigod\Hunter. She is roleplay by Trixie19.


Jenna Emily Willson had lived with her mom Stacey, her sister Carline and step dad Paul every sence she was 7. Then monsters started atacking her she ran away because she was afraid her family might get hurt.

Early LifeEdit

She always liked Greek myths. Her favorite god is Hades. Everyone thought she was crazy at school be cause she saw the monsters for what they really were. One time she told her best friend Jamey that their math teacher was a monster. Jamey told the math teacher that Jenna said she was a monster. After that day of school the monster tried to kill her but when Jenna looked down there was a sword. With that she killed the monster in no time flat. When she was 13 before she had gotten to camp she joined the Hunters.


Jenna's eyes is brown. She has pretty brown hair that is sometimes curled. 




  • Jenna has a sword that turns black when monsters are near.