Jake Barnikle is a 15-year-old camper at Camp Half-Blood. His roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Jake Kai Barnikle was born on June 14, 1998 to Kannani Barnikle and a mysterious boat salesman named Kai Barnikle. Kannani died in childbirth and Kainknew he couldn't leave his precious new baby boy to an orphanage so he made a deal with Zeus. If Kai stayed with Jake until Jake was 8, he had to stay away from Jake until Jake was 16. Kai helped Jake grow up to be a strong young man. Jake loved all kinds of water and sports like karate, swimming, and surfing. When Jake was 5 he became a black belt in karate. When Jake was 6 he started training for the junior Olympics for swimming, and when Jake was 7 he became the junior champion surfer of Hawaii. Jake was a very popular boy at his school and all of the girls loved him. On the day before Jake's 10 birthday Kai took Jake to Long Island where he had a log cabin located near some local strawberry fields. There Jake met one of his father friends. Kai said his friends name was Mr. Brunner and that he would help Jake throughout the rest of his life. Kai said he needed to leave and he would see Jake "Soon".

Early LifeEdit

Jake lived a successful and happy life until his father took him to camp. Jake had to decide whether he wanted to leave all of his titles behind or be trained as a demigod. Of course Jake picked to be trained as a demigod. Jake said that he could always still swim, surf, and practice karate at camp. Jake was always hyper as a little boy because he had ADHD and dyslexia. Now Jake is staying at camp waiting for his father.


Jake has shaggy brunette hair and light brown eyes. He is very strong for his age and very tall being 5'9. Jake has a tattoo of a trident on his back.



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  • Jake can control water
  • Jake can breathe underwater
  • Jake's main weapon is a spear
  • Jake is an extremely good swimmer