Ivy Pines is an immortal tree-nymph that lives in the forest of Camp Half-Blood. She is roleplay of Trixie19.


Ivy Pines was born on Decembuary 98, 8051.Ivy was born with a silver ivy bracelet that never comes off . That is why her father Zeus, named her Ivy. She is immortal and will always look 18. She is extremely cowardly and strong. She will even go on quests with demi-gods, if she evr comes out of her panic box. She will never run out of energy if she aways has ivy with her. When she was younger, she met Catherine Adams, a brave demigod who she became best of friends with. She is always wearing green and sometimes grape purple which she ruins the color. She is drawn to a boy she saw in the woods once his name is Jason Grace, brother of Thalia Grace.

Early LifeEdit

Ivy was always a cowardly  little nymph who acted like a normal demigod. She always stood up for what she believed in and was very dumb. Ivy never really had a mom but she took care of her teddy bear and her teddy bear took care of her.. She traveled around very few times a day becuse she thought she could. When she was younger she met Catherine and they became best-friends. Ivy was bullied alot of children because she was different. She wanted to be a demi-god. All the other tree-nymphs were so mean to her.


Ivy has black hair, green/brown eyes, and a great smile. She is always wearing green and sometimes grape purple. She would never be caught wearing makeup unless she was going to a club in the late night when people were asleep.




  • Ivy can move and make vines.
  • Ivy has a sword made of grass that is just like a real sword, it can't be cut by any other sord.
  • Ivy can make plants grow faster.
  • Ivy can heal people.
  • Ivy can shrink to the size of a seed.
  • Ivy can move sun rays away and on plants or on her to tan.
  • Ivy can't go without her suggly wuggly session with her teddy bear that has a picture of Jason Grace on it.
  • Ivy always enjoys the taste of demigods cooked flesh when they have messed with her or nature.