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Isabella Evans is a 12 year old camper at Camp Half Blood. Isabella is a daugter of Hermes. She is roleplay by Trixie19.


Isabella was born on December 24. When Hermes left Isabella's mom Lixie she was not mad. She almost for got about Hermes as she raised her. Instead of puting Isabella in an orphanage she dropped her off at Camp Half Blood. 

Early LifeEdit

As it said above she got to camp half blood safley. Her mom Lixie dropped her off at camp.


Isabella has extremely curly blond hair and has brown eyes. She is extremely athletic and loves all sports she looks weak but she is very strong.



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  • She steals things with out being seen at all.
  • She has a magic necklace that makes her invisible.
  • She has a sword that is very handy.
  • She has a mail bag that can hold anything no matter how big (even living things).