Haley Georgelis
General Information
Full Name Haley Diana Georgelis
DOB October 31, 1997
Age 16
Biographical Information
Birthplace New York, New York
Godly Parent Apollo

Hunter of Artemis

Mortal Parent Bow and Arrow
Physical Information
Other Information
Haley Georgelis is a 16-year-old daughter of Apollo and Hunter of Artemis. Her roleplayer is Miramc22.


Haley "Shadow" Diana Georgelis was born on October 31. She is the older twin sister of Ray Georgelis. Haley was named after Halley's Comet by her father Apollo and nicknamed "Shadow" because she is so quiet and stealthy when hunting. She likes punk rock and being goth, but upon being a hunter, she started wearing brighter colors. She was born to a famous dancer, Kate Georgelis, and Apollo. They met and Apollo stayed with them for 4 years, being Ray's role model and Haley's worst enemy. Apollo had tried to brighten Haley's life up, but she wouldn't let him. Apollo sadly left and Kate went insane after 14 years of Apollo and him being gone. Haley led the expedition away from home and to New York where they could possibly get jobs. Along the way, they encountered the Hunters of Artemis, where Haley swore the oath to become one. She became friends with the hunters, but she was normally a loner. The other Hunters showed Ray the way to Camp Half-Blood. Ray was sad that Haley had left him, but he eventually let her go, as long as they could visit for a while.

Early LifeEdit

Haley and Ray had to leave when they were 14 to go to Camp Half-Blood. Their mother, Kate, went insane, which caused them to leave. Haley met the Hunters of Artemis, so she joined them. Artemis told her that Apollo only talked about his kids on Olympus, and that she was his. Just for good measure, Apollo claimed them. He then sent Ray a spear from Olympus and gave Haley a necklace which contained a piece of Halley's Comet. Even though Haley despised Apollo, she wore the necklace as a memory that she still had a family.


Haley has black hair and dark eyes. Her hair can sometimes look brown in the sunlight. She usually wears dark clothes and a lot of makeup. She used to have glasses, but when she became a Hunter she didn't need them anymore.



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  • Haley uses a silver bow and hunting knives.
  • Haley has a necklace with Halley's Comet pieces in it.
  • Haley is quick and stealthy. 
  • Haley can control the moon.
  • Haley has a silvery glow around her, like a hunter.