"You're not my superior. You're 19, I'm 16. What gives you the authority to run this cabin? The rules clearly state that the older person and or person who has won the battled is the counselor. Your only authority, is prettiness. Just because you have charmspeak doesn't mean you're perfect. You have flaws. Heck, I bet if you didn't have charmspeak, you wouldn't even have all of those boys."
―Estelle to Claire Blackwell, trying to prove that she can be the head of the cabin.
Estelle Avril is a 19-year-old camper at Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Estelle Nettie Avril was born on May 9, 1994 in Paris, France to Jaques Avril and a beautiful woman named Fleur Avril. When Estelle was 2 Fleur had to leave. Jaques grew very upset but Estelle helped her Papa through it. Jaques called Estelle "Belle Lumiere Qui Brille" which in English means "Beautiful Shining Light". Estelle was very pretty and always had all the attention and could get anything she wanted with the snap of her finger. Despite her powers Estelle was always kind and generous to everyone she met. She was always optimistic and smiling so her friends called her "Estelle l'optimiste" and treated her like a queen. When Estelle was 9 she was accepted into an exchange program at a private Long Island boarding school. Estelle made many friends at the school but one was very close to her. She was her translator and her name was Lilly Bushes. Estelle and Lilly became the most popular girls at the school. Soon the school was attacked by angry harpies. Lilly took Estelle to Camp Half-Blood ,where she was claimed by Aphrodite.

Early LifeEdit

Estelle was always the center of attention when she was little. Everyone wanted to be friends with her and adore her. Estelle was always friendly to everyone she met. Like it said above all of her friends called her "Estelle l'optimiste" which means Estelle the optimist and her father called her "Belle Lumiere Qui Brille" which means Bright Shining Light. When Estelle was 9 she was accepted into a private boarding school on Long Island. She made lots of friends but Estelle's favorite friend was Lilly Bushes, her translator who turned out to be her protector. When Estelle was 13 the school was attacked by angry harpies. Lilly took Estelle to Camp Half-Blood. When Estelle arrived there she started to have strange dreams. They all had her mother appearing to her and saying "Estelle, ma cherie. Vous ferez de grandes Choses. Assurez-vous de mettre Claire a as place et être a la tete de am cabine. Je t'aime fille." Estelle never understood the dream but she is starting to.


Estelle has long blonde hair that is always shiny. She has stunning ice blue eyes and freckles across her high cheekbones. Estelle is very beautiful and catches every boy's eye. Estelle is very tiny and nimble. Estelle speaks pure French and is learning English. Her French translator is Lilly Bushes. Estelle also has a heart birthmark on her elbow.




  • Estelle's main weapon is a sword named Amour.
  • Do not underestimate Estelle, she could pound you into a pulp in two seconds flat.
  • Estelle can make people fall in love.
  • Estelle can ruin people's relationships.
  • Estelle can mend people's relationships.
  • Estelle has varying love potions.
  • Estelle is extremely strong and powerful in combat.
  • Estelle can charmspeak.
  • Estelle is very fast and nimble.