Emma Lore is a 16-year-old child of Hecate. Her role player is LivvyLove17.


Emma Rachel Lore was born on August 1. Her mother was Hecate, the goddess, and her dad was Roger Lore, a magician.  When Roger met Hecate, he fell in love with her and asked her to be his assistant. She istantly said yes, forgetting that she had to leave someday. Once they had their baby, Hecate knew it was time to say goodbye. Roger took it lightly because she knew she would come back someady. Hecate had left a note for Emma saying that someday Emma would meet a girl named Ryan at a place called Camp Half-Blood.  There they would become best-friends and love each other like sisters. Hecate also said that she would become a beatiful woman and become very useful to other demigods. One day in sixth grade two protectors named Clover and Lilly took her to Camp Half-Blood. She got there safe and sound. She got claimed by Hecate about an hour later. That night at the camp fire she bumped into a girl named Ryan. Ryan and Emma hugged each other because they knew that they were the special ones.

Early LifeEdit

Emma had ADHD and dyslexia all of her life. She was always extremely hyper and when all of her siblings went to Kronos' side for the second war, Emma stayed on the good side. Emma was very faithful and believed that the good side would win. When Clover and Lilly were taking her to Camp Half-Blood she found a knife that was shining and looked almost magic. After that she and Chiron named it Magiea, which is Greek for magic. Emma is a bit of a girly-girl and loves pink. She hates most Aphrodite girls except for Piper, whom she reamains friends with.


Emma has curly shoulder lenghth dirty blonde hair with flipped up bangs. Her eyes are a hazely-chestnut color and she has California girl tan skin. She sometimes wears glasses because she is far-sighted.




  • Emma has a sword named Magiea
  • Emma can use magic all the time
  • Emma can sometimes see the future
  • Emma has a magic wand for defense
  • Emma has a magic necklace that her mom gave her if when she puts it on someone they will automatically be connected with Emma
  • Emma can control bits of the Mist
  • Emma can make mistforms
  • Emma has millions of spells handy
  • Emma loves singing, a trait from her dad
  • Emma is the second most powerful Hecate child, next to Jade
  • Emma has a magic bag from her mom