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Emily Smith is a 16-year-old camper at Camp Half-Blood. She is a daughter of Ares.


Emily Smith was born on January 2. When Ares left Emily's mom Ava she was so mad. Until she met Edward E. Charles. She soon get married to him. Then they moved in with him. Edward had a boy named Sammy. Sammy walked with a limp and was very kind to Emily. He told her he was a satyr and her real father is Ares, the god of war. Emily was shocked and happy. She was really good at boxing, fencing and other fighting skills but she never thought of this. She them went to Camp Half Blood just in case a monster would attack her.

Early LifeEdit

As it said above she got to camp half blood safely. Her fake step brother Sammy the satyr got her to camp half blood. On the way they fought many monsters.


Emily looks very weak and looks like a person you want to pick a fight with. She has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.




  • She uses her swords, and daggers to jab people or monsters.
  • She also has a magic flaming sword given to her by a dark hooded figure when she was 8.
  • Emily got all of her weapons when she was 6.