Clover Greenwood
General Information
Full Name Clover Reed Greenwood
DOB July 4, Ancient times
Age Immortal
Biographical Information
Birthplace Forests of Ancient Greece
Godly Parent Satyr
Mortal Parent Reed Pipes


Physical Information
Other Information
Clover Greenwood is an immortal satyr and protector who resides at Camp Half-Blood. His roleplayer is Miramc22.


Clover Reed Greenwood was born on July 4. He has worked as a protector at Camp Half-Blood for 99 years. He plays many roles such as friends at school and newly adopted kids. He will do anything to keep Demigodsm safe. He has reed pipes like any other satyr. He learned how to play them when he was born. Clover has an extremely good sense of smell, like all satyrs. He has earned multiple "Satyr of the Year" awards from Dionysus himself. Clover has many Half-Blood friends, including the ones that he saved. Clover is very smart but can sometimes be naïve at times. He is very brave but is only scared of one thing: Ivy Pines. Clover has a huge crush on Lilly Bushes. His favorite bird is a Mockingbird and his favorite tree is a dogwood. His favorite plant is a lily and his favorite bush is a lily bush. He is one of the most responsible protectors at Camp Half-Blood. He is tall at 6'0" and is very strong. He is best friends with Grover Underwood. He is known to do anything for a demigod or nymph and he takes huge responsibility in his work.

Early LifeEdit

Clover was 23 when he was recruited to work at Camp Half-Blood. He searched for Pan for 60 years until he retired to become a protector at Camp Half-Blood. He has been a wonderful protector and has had a fun experience at Camp Half-Blood. He worked in the strawberry fields for 5 years and comes there as often as he can. He also visits Lilly's bush at any time he gets the chance. He loves all of the kids he has successfully protected, especially McKenna Wren. They are best friends and they have an empathy link, because Clover never wants McKenna to ever get into trouble.


Being a satyr, Clover has goat legs, hooves, a goat tail, and goat horns. He usually wears jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt for Camp Half-Blood. He has brown eyes and dark brown hair. he is muscular and strong.




  • Clover can make a bleating sound when he is nervous.
  • Clover can cause a Panic.
  • Clover can play most songs on the reed pipes.
  • Clover can talk and communicate with animals.
  • Clover is a protector.
  • Clover has an empathy link with McKenna Wren.