Candence is a 10-year-old daughter of Iris at Camp Half-Blood. Her role player is LivvyLove17.


Candence "Candy" Lia Wren was born on December 25, 2002 to Daniel Wren and a mysterious woman who studied rainbows. Soon, her mother left. Two years later she came back and gave birth to her little sister McKenna. Candence got bullied at school because of her mother and soon dropped out and got homeschooled. After her mother left for the second time Daniel re-married a woman named Kelly. Kelly had already had one child with Apollo, a girl named Sara. It was very dangerous having three demigod children in the household but they managed to hold through until the incident. Candy loved to dance just like her two sisters but out of all three of them she was the best. Even though her dance instructor was mean, she fought through it unlike her sister Sara who quit and went on to another studio. When Candy was 9 her family adopted a boy a year older than her named Clover. A few months after they adopted Clover a sphinx attacked their home. It turned out to be Candence's dance teacher Miss Sophia. She set their home on fire and ran away. Clover turned out to be a saytr and protected the three girls while they traveled to Camp. Once they got there Candence and Sara became very protective over McKenna.

Early LifeEdit

Candence was always a happy, bright little girl. Her friends described her as a rainbow of a person. Candence was always upbeat and happy until she started dancing when she was 5. When she started dancing her teacher Miss Sophia was always degrading her and her sisters. Candence fought through it and became the best dancer on her competition team. When Candence was 8 her parents adopted a young boy named Clover. Clover turned out to be a protector and protected Candence's family. Clover took Sara, Candence, and McKenna to camp.


Candence has long brunette hair that is streaked with blonde and black. Candence has sparkly blue eyes and freckles across her nose.



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