Camryn Turner is a 15-year-old camper at Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Camryn Riley Turner was born on May 9, 1998 to Dr. Morgan Turner and a smart, wise woman. When Camryn was 2 the woman abandoned Dr. Turner and Camryn. The wise woman said she would come back to Camryn in the form of an owl. Camryn grew up sad because her mother had left her but happy since she said she would return. Camryn was always very smart and dedicated to her school work. She had ADD and dyslexia but worked through it. When Camryn was 5 her father moved her up to second grade. Camryn was an outcast and only had one friend named Clover Greenwood. He stuck with Camryn through thick and thin until she was 10 and her school got attacked by sphinxes. Clover took Camryn to Camp Half-Blood and Clover never got a chance to talk to Camryn again because he was so busy.

Early LifeEdit

Camryn was always a wise young girl and she loved learning. Camryn was as sharp as a tack and loved playing strategic sports, board games, and apps. Her father always supported her and wanted her to succeed always. Camryn loves crafting and things like knitting, writing, and photography. When Camryn was 10 her school was attacked by sphinx's and her best-friend Clover turned out to be a saytr and took Camryn to Camp Half-Blood.


Camryn has long blonde hair that is sometimes curly. She has bright aqua eyes and tan skin.



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  • Camryn has whip sharp battle strategies
  • Camryn is wise beyond her years
  • Camryn has a memory like an elephant
  • Camryn is a natural born leader
  • Camryn is strong in battle
  • Camryn has a dagger named Owl Eyes