Apollo's Cabin
This is Cabin 7, otherwise known as Apollo's Cabin. His children tend to be well rounded and good at almost everything.


  1. Angelique Benson (Counselor)
  2. Lexi Fields (Co-counselor)
  3. Ryan Bell
  4. Ray Georgelis
  5. Haley Georgelis (Hunter)
  6. Danny Weeks
  7. Matt Summers
  8. Desmond Summers
  9. Stevie Bracken
  10. Avery Jameson
  11. Zac Waine
  12. Teddy Baker
  13. Kyra Segale
  14. Christina Sugg
  15. Kit Sugg (Hunter)
  16. Allie Norvelt  
  17. Felicity Manning
  18. Tyler Chris
  19. Neil Crushank
  20. Tori Ortez
  21. Cadence Allegory
  22. Raphael Amour
  23. Emma
  24. Caroline Neilly
  25. Jack Turner
  26. Charlotte Collins


  • Can Make A Person Repeat Limericks For Days
  • Can Use Sun As A Shield For A Short Amount Of Time
  • All Children Are Extremely Athletic
  • All Children Are Good At Singing
  • All Children Are Good At Art
  • All Children Can Compose Poetry
  • All Children Are Very Talented With The Bow And Arrow
  • All Children Are Born With A Talent for Medicine