Ares' Cabin

This is Ares' Cabin, also known as Cabin 5. It houses the children of Ares. It also has the powers and abilities children of Ares may have.


  1. Mari Delhi (Counselor)
  2. Emily Smitth (Co-Counselor)
  3. Clover Diani
  4. Alexander DiMatreo
  5. Gail Mack
  6. Brenna Zimmerman
  7. Clarisse La Rue (former counselor)
  8. Margo Eagleston
  9. Rachel Geschak
  10. Nathan Wright
  11. Belle Winters
  12. Marci Lyndon


  • All children of Ares are violent.
  • All children of Ares are skilled in all types of weapons.
  • Children of Ares are high achievers.
  • Children of Ares are very skilled in concentration and battle tactics.
  • Children of Ares love to have a gameplan that is planned ahead.