Demeter's Cabin

This is Demeter's Cabin, also known as Cabin 4. This page consists of all of Demeter's children.


  1. Alice Carter (counselor)
  2. Sage Maldonez (co-counselor)
  3. Violet Benjimen
  4. Coby Edwards
  5. Liam Blanchard
  6. Kelsey Englert
  7. Dakota Crest
  8. Penelope Evonne
  9. Gayle Hensley
  10. Shai Iteru
  11. Ellie Iteru


  • Special children of Demeter can grow plants with their hands.
  • Children of Demeter are good cooks.
  • Special children of Demeter can talk to plants telepathically.
  • Children of Demeter love to connect with nature.