This is Hecate's Cabin, or Cabin 20. Here you can see all members of Hecate's Cabin, and the powers children of Hecate may possess.


  1. Emma Lore (Counsler)
  2. Jade Harris (Co-Counselor)
  3. Gabby Mendle
  4. Georgia Mendle
  5. June Fogee
  6. Sadie Payne
  7. Logan Payne
  8. Marissa Thompson
  9. Melina Hawke
  10. Magie Sands
  11. Aubree Magleby
  12. Alizia Lang
  13. Lee Rixa
  14. Riley Jones
  15. Cody Jones
  16. Tessa Bates
  17. Lilian Preston
  18. Mason Wright
  19. Drake Collins
  20. Lydia Foster


  • Children of Hecate possess a lot of magic.
  • Each child of Hecate possess a magic wand and a magic bag.
  • Children of Hecate has millions of spells at their disposal.
  • Very few children of Hecate can sometimes see bits of the future.