Aphrodite's Cabin

This is Aphrodite's Cabin, also known as Cabin 10. It consists of all of her children and powers they may own.


  1. Claire Blackwell  (counselor)
  2. Jessica Johnson (co-counselor)
  3. Annabelle Evans (former counselor)
  4. Catherine Elizabeth Adams
  5. Piper McLean (former counselor)
  6. me
  7. Mickey Starr
  8. Mouse Wills
  9. Minnie Wills
  10. Roland Fredrick James Parks V
  11. Estelle Avril
  12. Scorpion Callas
  13. Paris Callas
  14. Brittney Wilde
  15. Beatrice Starr
  16. Hart Fallings
  17. Kayleigh Buller
  18. Madeline Carlton
  19. Emma Hyland
  20. Amelia Hyland
  21. Bailey Long
  22. Avia Roberts
  23. Bea_Red
  24. Camille Gorman


  • Some Aphrodite children may have the ability to Charmspeak.
  • Aphrodite children can attract the same and opposite gender.
  • Most Aphrodite children can change their physical features.
  • Some Aphrodite children can make or ruin relationships.
  • Aphrodite children carry a variety of love potions.
  • Aphrodite children are handsome/beautiful
  • they are second best godesses