Becca Wolf is a 13 year old daughter of Hermes at Camp Half-Blood. Her roleplayer is LivvyLove17.


Rebecca Danica Wolf was born on December 12, 2000 to Hermes and Amy Wolf, who had already had a daughter with him named Meredith Wolf and later Chloe Wolf. Amy was a hugely important bussiness woman and met Hermes one day while at he office. They instantly fell in love and had a fiery baby girl with red hair to match her temper. She was nicknamed Becca after her aunt Becca. When Becca was 2 Hermes had to leave Becca and Amy. Amy was heartbroken and refused to eat, sleep, or move from her bed for 21 days. Soon Amy died of starvation. Becca was left in the care of her Aunt Becca, who turned out to be Lilly in disguise. Lilly took very good care of Becca until Lilly believed Becca was "ready". Wen Becca was 9 Lilly took Becca to Camp Half-Blood where she made many new friends.

Early LifeEdit

Becca grew up always happy despite her mother's death. Becca was taken care of by her aunt Becca who was actually Lilly Bushes in disguise. Lilly loved Becca like a sister and always took care of her. Becca always ran around pulling pranks on people with her best friend, Louis. When Becca had to leave for camp Louis told her that he would see her someday, which made Becca think that he was a demigod, too.


Becca has fiery red hair that matches her spirit and temper. She has light blue green eyes and freckles all over her face.



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  • Becca has flying sneakers from Hermes
  • Becca is stealthy and sneaky
  • Becca has the Hermes key, it will open any lock
  • Becca has a spear as her weapon
  • Becca has a magic mailbag that can carry anything
  • Becca can steal anything without being seen by anyone