Alice Carter is a 14-year old camper at Camp Half-Blood. She is a child of Demeter. Her roleplayer is Abbyabbymc.


Alice Lola Carter was born on May 9, 1998. Her mother is Demeter. Her father, Joseph Carter, is a lawyer who works in Seattle. Alice's mother showed up as a client for Joseph. They fell in love and got married. Then they had Alice. Until Alice had to go to Camp at the age of 10, she was with Demeter and Joseph. She loved them both very much. Alice hardly sees Joseph anymore.

Early LifeEdit

Alice stayed with Joseph and Demeter for 10 years of her life. But, most of the time, Joseph was out on buiseness trips and Alice often had to stay in daycares after school. She missed Jospeh a lot of the time.


Alice has dark tan skin, long, full curly brown hair, and brown eyes.




  • Alice's grass sword can shoot out knots of grass as traps.
  • Alice's grass sword is also a regular sword, although it is made completely out of grass.
  • Alice can "whisper" to plants, giving them commands or actions as attacks or for help.
  • Alice's flower star can be used as a weapon or a boomerang.