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Aimee Stossel is a 12 year-old camper at camp half blood Roleplayer-Pandagurl345


Aimee Stossel is a 15 year old girl. She lives with her mother, Skylar Stossel and she has kept Aimee totally safe ... For now. Aimee figured out she was a Half-Blood when she had a cut and she swam in the ocean for the first time and the cut was gone and she was perfecty dry. She got to Camp Half-Blood with the guidance of a saytr named Clover Greenwood who taught her the ways of a Half-Blood after she woke up from eating ambrosia and nectar cubes.That's how Aimee Stossel knew she was Poseidon's daughter.

Eary LifeEdit

Aimee Strossel was a very hyper-active, easily-distracted little girl even before her terrible twos. She loved activities like soccer and lacrosse. Every month or so she will change her lacrosse stick colour with duck tape and she changes her shoe laces. Her mother never lets her go in the water unless bathing. Ever scince she was little she has colected stuffed animals starting from A to Z except for X because there are no X named animals, she gets one ever christmas and birthday celebration.When her mother and father were married it was love at first sight but Aimee never remembered Poseidon. She has always had the love for the animal creations of horses, seahorses, and pandas. When Aimee was little she pretended to build a chariot with blue colored blocks and pieces. Skylar, her mom was so afraid of Poseidon and Chiron knowing who she was alive she made Aimee transfer schools every 4+ months and can never have time to create friendships... until then.... she met Jessica Johnson. 


Aimee is a young 15 year old teen that has a golden brown colored hair with sea blue colored eyes. Whenever she sees the sea her eyes twinkle like stars at night. Aimee always accents her wadrobe with a blue style neclace to brighten up her style but never when taking a photo because the necklace has a trident emblem on it and can never be seen in a photo. Aimee can only style off jeans and always wears a jacket to pops colour into her outfit. Aimee wears only vans, converse, toms, and emily sandals.




  • stays dry under water
  • heals in water
  • Trident
  • breathes under water